Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator, talks on Humans adding to Climate Change 

NASA overseer, Jim Bridenstine, says that he trusts that the Earth Climate is changing and that the people have contributed enormously to these climatic change conditions. This announcement by the NASA boss is critical as he has demonstrated his uncertainty about the human-caused environmental change before. This is the thing that has made a lot […]

A New NASA Chief

By the skin of his teeth That is the way one describes such a narrow vote. With only one vote separating the two sides, Rep. Jim Bridenstine was appointed the next chief of NASA. The reason for the close vote is because of the attitude of the Democratic party which is probably still seething from […]

NASA’s Defense Department supports space Traffic Management Role to Commerce Department 

The leaders of US strategic and the leaders of NASA have offered their support to the space traffic management role, as the Washington house prepares to take up the bill providing the new traffic management authorities for space management.  According to officials on June 22nd, at a joint hearing of the space house science committee […]

Should give space traffic management role to Commerce Department, NASA and defense department claim

As preparation of the bill to provide Commerce Department the role of space traffic management proceed, NASA and U.S Strategic Command claimed it to be a good move.  The officials met for a joint hearing of the strategic forces subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee and space subcommittee of the House Science Committee on […]