Six CubeSat satellites deployed today from International Space Station

Crew members remaining inside ISS performed successful deployment of six CubeSat satellites today using J-SSOD deployment device. Operation started today at 09:11 UTC from deploying three CubeSats built by Japanese Universities from JEM Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (J-SSOD). These were ITF-2, WASEDA-Sat-3 and FREEDOM. First two are based on 1U size standard (10 x 10 […]

Flocks in space – 16 Cubesats starts space mission from Kibo module

Tonight International Space Station crew will finish deploying 16 Flock Cubesat satellites from Kibo module. After inflating BEAM module on Saturday and monitoring air pressure and possible leaks inside new module, crew of ISS started this week with deploying fleet of 16 Cubesat satellites. Since Monday 30 May, 2016, crew members are deploying Flock nanosatellites belonging to […]

Busy days on International Space Station !

It seems that crew members on International Space Station have busy time even more than usual. To planned duties they had to add checking leaking suit used by Tim Kopra on recent spacewalk. Recently life on ISS became more excited than usual due the leaking spacesuit worn by Tim Kopra during 192nd spacewalk. To remind, on 15th […]