China’s Tiangong will Rival the ISS says Chinese authorities

China is building its version of the International Space Station, and they promise an extraordinary one. The Tiangong which translates as Heavenly Palace will possess massive technological capabilities. According to China, the Tiangong will rival the International Space Station that is operated by Russia and the United States. China’s space station is expected to launch […]

The US Offers to Use its Space Suits Instead of Russian for Spacewalks

The United States offers to use its US-made space suits instead of the Russian-made Orlan suits in conducting spacewalks outside the Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway. According to the source, the foreign partners explained the request because Russia is not producing space suits which are designated for the Moon, also noting that keeping two different sets of […]

Astronaut Says: Potential Contamination Is No Longer A Concern for International Space Station’s New Lightning Instrument

Scientists of the International Space Station is working on its new lightning detection instruments. These scientists mounted the device on the exterior end of the International Space Station. They expect a positive effect on the performance of the sensor and to avoid from the possible contamination from the upper part of the SpaceX Falcon 9 […]

Instagram live with will smith: strange questions pop up for the interviewed for space station astronaut drew feustel

On Thursday, April 12, Will Smith called to the International Space Station via Instagram Live and got a chance to talk with one of the astronauts. This is the first-ever Instagram Live video streaming from space. Will Smith has the amusing conversation with Drew Feustel, NASA’s astronaut and a flight engineer for the Expedition 55. […]

Soyuz MS-07 launched !

Following two days will be quite busy on International Space Station. Soyuz MS-07 already begun its journey to the Station, Dragon CRS-13 was launched on Friday and already docked with supplies to Earth facing Harmony module docking port. Dragon with 1560 kg of pressurized and 645 kg of unpressurized cargo was launched on the top […]