The Space War is Over and Guess Who Won 

The premier space agency of India, Indian Space Research Organization has developed a reputation for launching countless rockets into cosmos at a very convenient cost. The consequence effect? Many customers from around the globe have come assembling to afford the economic market of India – launching services and this has assisted the nation to make […]

IRNSS-1I: 8th Navigation Satellite

The 8th navigation satellite IRNSS-1I will be the replacement for the 1,425 kg IRNSS-1H satellite which was to be slung into the polar orbit at 507 km above the Earth. IRNSS-1H launched on 31 August 2017 was expected to replace IRNSS-1A, the first of the seven constellation satellites, which was rendered ineffective after its three […]

An Indian communications satellite lost contact with the ground controller

There have been reported incidents before of satellites losing ground communications all over the world. Similar was the fate of GSAT 6A, an Indian communication satellite that was sent to space for a 10 years long mission. Surprisingly this satellite did not show any detectable signs of malfunction but nevertheless went silent. The ground controllers […]

DARPA considers using PSLV rocket for less important missions

SpaceX suffers for a delay with their launch schedule since disaster of Falcon-9 with CRS-7 Dragon cargo spacecraft on 28 June 2015. Another failure on launch pad on 1 September 2016 also not helped in keeping the schedule. It should not be surprising that some potential Customers begun to consider another propositions from different launch […]

GSLV Mk.III launched, GSAT-19 placed on orbit

ISRO managed to deliver to orbit GSAT-19 satellite. This mission marks another milestone of ISRO GSLV rocket program. Delivery of GSAT-19 experimental satellite to orbit  was also a debut of Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III version of GSLV rocket. Rocket long for 43 m was launched yesterday at 11:58 UTC from Satish Dhawan Space Center. As […]

Is there enough space in space – PSLV with 104 satellites under fairing is almost ready !

This is record flight and shows true potential, which in space industry:Indian space agency ISRO has not had serious troubles to find customers for flight of their PSLV rocket; companies and organizations from India, the United States, the Netherlands, Israel, Switzerland, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates filled cargo space of PSLV with impressive number […]

PSLV launched from Sriharikota delivered to orbit remote sensing satellite

Indian space agency ISRO, managed today to deliver to orbit next Resourcesat class satellite. PSLV rocket reached orbit with Resourcesat-2A satellite in the morning hours after launch from Satish Dhawan Space Center. This mission covered delivering weighing 1225 kg Resourcesat-2A into Sun Synchronous Orbit on altitude of 817 km. Launch was planned as seventh Indian […]