The Eagerly Awaited Launch of Insight Lander by NASA – A Historical Landmark?

If things go as planned, the launching of NASA’s Interior Exploitation using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport (Insight) lander will take place. The agency wants to ensure that there will be an interior exploration of the Red Planet. Its mission is to study what we call earthquakes here though on Mars. In addition to […]

InSight Spacecraft Moves on Towards Mars with Its First Course Correction

The National Aeronautics Space Agency or NASA keeps on making its dedicated efforts for space exploration and knowledge enhancing factors about planets, galaxies and the entire universe. This time the space agency is excited to explore Mars planet with a more in-depth approach. The agency’s InSight spacecraft is recently cruising to the red planet. The […]

NASA owned InSight Mars Lander get to Fire Up Its Engines in the  Space for the First Time 

NASA’s InSight Mars lander played out its first motor consume on May 22, refining its course towards Red Planet. The 40-second consume, which included four of the InSight’s eight thrusters, got to be intended to change the lander’s speed by around 8.5 mph. Mission colleagues will perform up to 5 extra consumes before the InSight’s […]

NASA will launch a satellite with the purpose of investigating Mars to its very core, revealing its hidden secrets.

Named the Insight lander, the itinerary dictates that it will be launched by a United Launch Alliance Atlas V Rocket on Saturday (5th May 2018) in California, from its Vandenberg Air Force Base. Assuming that things go well, the spacecraft, which happens to be solar-powered, will land on Mars on the 26th of November, 2018. […]