The Candidate for the prototype of the DoD integrated communications network

As far as the Defense Department is concerned, there is a need to advance the military communication. They think that the best way is to introduce modern satellite communications services. For a long time, the department has relied on the private sector for those services. Nevertheless, that will change. The reason is that they want […]

Inmarsat-5F4 on orbit !

SpaceX managed to deliver to orbit communications satellite Inmarsat-5F4 during impressive launch and flight. Unfortunately this time we did not see landing attempt of first stage. Inmarsat-5F4 is fourth satellite under Global Xpress constellation will provide mobile internet access services for airline passengers, maritime crews and military personnel. Satellite was originally scheduled for Falcon Heavy […]

The Inmarsat monopoly has a breakdown by Iridium on Maritime safety communications.

A certification has been granted by the UN’s International Maritime Organization which will compel Inmarsat to lose its monopoly system. The UN has approved a certification for the Iridium communication system to impart the Global Maritime System services. This will automatically end up Inmarsat’s monopoly system which was actively running over a decade on an […]