ICON satellite to examine the edge of space

The researchers want to understand the phenomena behind the magnetic storms engulfing the earth capable of destroying satellites and capable of damaging radio communications on the earth’s surface. For such experiment, they will also have to track down the reasons behind the tropical storms that take place on the ground and do affect these magnetic […]


To get a better understanding of the magnetic stroms the encircle our planet and jeopardize the life of the satellites and also lead to disturbance in the radio communications on ground, NASA has finally launched a new mission ICON.  NASA’s ICON also known as Ionospheric Connection Explorer is a Explorer class mission worth $180 million […]

A discussion by NASA scientists on “where space weather meets earth weather,” to be held at The Library of Congress 

A free talk on the topic “Where space meets Earth weather?” is being scheduled on 7th of June in Washington D.C. Timing for the free talk is from 11:30 am-12:30 pm. This free talk will be held with Dr. Sarah Jones, and the public is invited to attend the same and learn interesting information about […]