Next launch of the Rokot launch vehicle postponed

Launch of three Gonets satellites planned for the mid-2016 was postponed by Roscosmos to end of the year. It seems that one from two additional launches of Rokot launch vehicle contracted and announced in February by Roscosmos will be postponed to the end of 2016. Second launch, which was planned for 2018, probably will be […]

Discussion on decommissioned American ICBMs started

Discussion on new idea for retired ICBMs will not be finished in first half of 2016. After Gen. John Hyten announcement given on 32nd Space Symposium (11-14 April 2016) about his idea of utilizing engines from retired ICBMs for commercial purposes like small launch vehicles, it was clear that it is not easy case and way to American Rokot will be […]

North Korea plays same game – next rocket weapon tests

North Korea seems to develop ICBM missiles successfully and probably faster than it was predicted by western analysts. This time on 15 March 2016 North Korea decided (it would be more accurate to say that Supreme Leader decided) to perform two test launches of their medium range ballistic missile. Rockets were launched from Sukch’ŏn County […]

Russia still considers blowing asteroids with nukes

It seems that non-conventional way of solving any problems is still strong in Russian scientific environment. Recently we could read about potential proposition from Europe to Russian scientists to develop nuclear weapon against asteroids. Problem of early warning was seriously spotted by authorities around the world after Chelyabinsk disaster in 2013. NASA had initiative and […]

North Korea launched rocket and lift object into the space !

Today, on 7th February 2016, at 00:30 GMT from launch site placed in Sohae rocket Unha-3 lifted object into the space. North Korea authorities confirmed officially launching rocket from Sohae space launch center today. It means that Unha-3 with Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 satellite on atop, became next step on North Korea way into Space, or into possessing ICBM […]

North Korea rocket test – is there any reason to be afraid ?

According to Reuters there are reasons to predict rocket test in North Korea. It seems that authorities of North Korea opened season for arms race activities. After fourth nuclear test performed on 6 January 2016 and firing seven short range surface-to-air missiles on 29 January 2016 North Korea is going to show its space capabilities. Western […]

No further development of Dnepr rocket officially confirmed

Probably we will not see any more launches of Dnepr rocket in future, due the decision of Russian authorities. According to TASS agency, Colonel-General Sergey Karakayev commander of Russian Strategic Missile Troops informed TASS journalist on Wednesday, that further development and launches of Dnepr rocket are suspended: “The Russian president decided to suspend the Dnepr conversion […]

Forgotten space engineering – Polyus battle spacecraft

Soviet Union, just before collapse, possessed impressive military power – ICBM missiles, warships, bombers, tanks. Generally in terms of size Soviet Army exceed NATO forces multiple times. American cure for this fact was increasing quality of weapon to rectify superiority in the matter of size. Crowning achievement was to become the program of Strategic Defense […]

Shangri-La of evil – North Korean announcement about planned launch of Unha-3 from Sohae launch site on October 2015

North Korea claims that on October 2015 is planned launch of Unha-3 rocket with Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4 satellite atop. World is looking at Korean Peninsula with curiosity and every couple years with increasing fear. North Korea remains one of most unstable and unpredictable state on Earth with impressive military power (in terms of number of soldiers not necessary […]