Helium found on Comet like-world

Very surprisingly, scientists have found the trace of helium in the atmosphere of an alien world, as per the reports of a new study that is being conducted. The findings have shown it is entirely possible to study the atmospheric nature of some of the exoplanets without thinking of launching a new telescope for this […]

Water Plume on Jupiter’s Moon Europa

Here is exciting news, especially for the astrobiologists! Recent evidence is being considered the best proof till date for availability of water on Europa – the life-supporting moon of the greatest planet Jupiter.  The alluring signs of the presence of water plume on Jupiter were located by the Hubble Space Telescope of National Aeronautics and […]

Green light for WFIRST

NASA has green light for developing project of new space telescope based on NRO spy satellite. WFIRST acronym stands for Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope and is NASA program for wide-field sky observation devoted especially to research on dark energy and exoplanets. Developed since 2010 space, telescope is designed as medium spacecraft with weight around 6000 kg, powered by solar […]