China Validates Receiving Data from Gaofen-5 Satellite

The CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) has recently confirmed that it has been receiving data from the Gaofen-5 satellite.  GF 5 (Gaofen-5) is a hyperspectral imaging satellite which is configured with six forms of payloads. The GF-5 satellite was launched on May 9 from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center (TSLC). The satellite was being launched with the […]

Chinese Satellite launched to monitor environmental problems

China has possessed the capacity to dispatch non-military personnel worked Satellite that is intended to review the earth. China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation made the satellite. This satellite will screen land, water assets, air contaminations, ozone depleting substances and other natural conditions. The satellite that was named ‘The Gaofen 5 environmental monitoring satellite’ was […]