Galileo delivered to French Guiana

Two more Galileo satellites reached French Guiana to reach space later this year. Galileo 21 and Galileo 22 reached French Guiana inside Boeing 747 Cargo on October 17 after journey from Luxembourg Airport. Delivered in special air conditioned containers were delivered on special lorry to Guiana Space Center facility where two other Galileos have been remaining […]

Problems with Galileo navigation system

ESA reported first problems with functioning their navigation system. Issues spotted already in 2017 are first serious problems since announcing start of Galileo Initial Services by European Commission on 15 December 2016. According to ESA, which coordinates and operates Galileo, at least four from eighteen satellites from present constellation of Galileo are affected with problem. […]

Water Plume on Jupiter’s Moon Europa

Here is exciting news, especially for the astrobiologists! Recent evidence is being considered the best proof till date for availability of water on Europa – the life-supporting moon of the greatest planet Jupiter.  The alluring signs of the presence of water plume on Jupiter were located by the Hubble Space Telescope of National Aeronautics and […]

Ariane 5 delivers to orbit next four Galileo satellites

Today Arianespace launched from Guiana Space Center as 11th launch vehicle in 2017 Ariane 5 with ESA payload. Rocket delivered to orbit another four navigational satellites for ESA Galileo program. Galileo-19, Galileo-20, Galileo-21 and Galileo-22 will support constellation of 14 satellites operating as space part of navigational satellite system Galileo. Each weighing 733 kg satellites was made by OHB-System […]

Welcome Galileo !

On 15 December 2016 , European Galileo navigation system officially entered to service after European Commission announced about starting of Galileo Initial Services. Finally after five years of launching satellites to orbit, constellation reached number of 18 and it was possible to start Galileo Initial Services. It is important moment in the history of ESA […]

New way for European Space policy

European Commission published six page draft document with summary of European space policy and surprising recommendation for Copernicus imaging and remote sensing satellite system. This document is preceding official document covering description and evaluation of European space policy by Directorate-General of space programs (DG GROW), which will be announced on November 2016. Draft is dated for July 8 and should […]