TV Stations & Satellite Operations Negotiation after Granting of Harrison County FCC petitions

According to country judge, Hugh Taylor, the Federal Commission Communication has granted its access to Texas TV channels. The satellite providers and news stations can implement this. He said they won’t do anything at this point. The FCC has 120 days to review or deny the market modification after the submission of the petition. After […]

A new policy by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is likely to increase student spacecraft costs, not good news for technology education

Though there are limited and a handful of astronauts, every thousand of college students gets the opportunity to visits space vicariously. Students design and test each of their satellites and then go to work along with professionals of space industry to get them loaded on rockets. This opportunity is available to students for more than […]

Space council is trying to save satellite spectrum

is trying to study better synchronization of radio frequency spectrum to protect the satellite communications from the terrestrial interference. In a speech at the Hudson Institute, Scott pace viewed the fact that preserving the range which is required for the satellite services for efforts all around the world so that the spectrum in respect of […]