New helium tank for SpaceX team dispatches as yet holding up to fly

SpaceX is as yet chipping away at another, more secure helium tank configuration required for dispatches with space explorers, and the introduction of the organization’s updated Falcon 9, rocket not long ago did not consider one of seven fruitful missions in “team design” NASA reiterates that it requires before putting space travelers on board the […]

United Launch Alliance lost its position in favor to main competitor on the market

It is strange situation when present launch service provider is not joining contest for launching next generation GPS satellites and competitor captures the contract by default. It is surprising even more if we take under consideration that cooperation between U.S. Air Force and companies which later established ULA, under GPS program, lasted since launching first GPS satellite […]

Another Iridium satellites on the top of the refurbished Falcon-9 booster

Iridium signed agreement with SpaceX to use refurbished boosters in two following launches covering delivering to orbit in total another twenty Iridium communications satellites. First flight of refurbished booster for Iidium with Next 31-40 satellites is planned for December 23rd, 2017 at 01:26 UTC from Vandenberg Air Force Base. Second mission covering placing on orbit […]

Three different payloads delivered after three launches from America and Asia within last last 24 hours

Last day were in fact busy in space – CNSA, SpaceX and JAXA launched payloads for both commercial and government operators. A Chinese Long March 2D rocket with Venezuelan Remote Sensing Satellite 2, “Antonio José de Sucre”,  lifted off from the Launch Pad 603 at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 4:13 UTC on October 9, […]

X-37B delivered to orbit

Experimental USAF space plane X-37B was delivered today by the SpaceX Falcon-9 rocket to Low Earth Orbit. It was first launch of X-37B by Falcon-9 rocket in the history. The 41st launch of Falcon-9 rocket was unique and clearly shows intentions of SpaceX for following years – getting into military contracts. Boeing X-37B, experimental robotic […]