Sizeable unmanned aircraft fly in public airspace

With the help of remotely-piloted Ikhana aircraft, NASA successfully flew its first mission within the National Airspace System in the absence of safety chase aircraft on Tuesday. This experiment took off out of the NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Centre located in Edwards, California. This bold step has further forwarded the United States towards bringing about […]

Virgin Galactic with FAA operator’s license !

Virgin Galactic was awarded recently by U.S. Federal Aviation Administration’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation with operator’s license for their SpaceShipTwo. Virgin announced about FAA certification on August 1, 2016. This is crucial moment for Virgin Galactic – their effort was awarded and now Company is able to start commercial flights with their space plane. Designed by […]

Discussion on decommissioned American ICBMs started

Discussion on new idea for retired ICBMs will not be finished in first half of 2016. After Gen. John Hyten announcement given on 32nd Space Symposium (11-14 April 2016) about his idea of utilizing engines from retired ICBMs for commercial purposes like small launch vehicles, it was clear that it is not easy case and way to American Rokot will be […]

The U.S. House of Representatives gave green light – H.R. 2262, the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act changed !

Commercial sector of space industry could breathe a sigh of relief. House of Representatives accepted amended version of H.R. 2262, the U.S. Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act after short discussion, which was a reflection of last discussions from May 2015. It is well known that space exploration and space travels are still in its infancy. Especially commercial manned missions, which […]