Galileo delivered to French Guiana

Two more Galileo satellites reached French Guiana to reach space later this year. Galileo 21 and Galileo 22 reached French Guiana inside Boeing 747 Cargo on October 17 after journey from Luxembourg Airport. Delivered in special air conditioned containers were delivered on special lorry to Guiana Space Center facility where two other Galileos have been remaining […]

Finish after 20 years – Cassini crashes into Saturn

Yesterday first artificial satellite of Saturn finished its lasting 20 years mission with destructive landing on Saturn. Joint mission of NASA, ESA and Italian ASI space agency finally reached its end on Friday September 15, 2017. Cassini space probe launched on 15 October 1997 on the top of the Titan 401B/Centaur rocket crashed into Saturn after 162 […]

MS-05 docked to ISS after short space pursuit !

Soyuz MS-05 finally reached International Space Station after lasting six hours space journey with three crew members inside: Commander Sergey Ryazansky (Roscosmos), Flight Engineer 1 Paolo Nespoli (ESA, Italy) and Flight Engineer 2 Randy Bresnik (NASA). Soyuz-FG with MS-05 vehicle was rolled out on July 26 from assembly facility to Launch Pad 1 Gagarin’s Start. As […]

Lesson learned? Problems with Schiaparelli EDM started already on Earth.

On May 24 ESA announced end of the investigation, which continued since anomaly and crash of the Schiaparelli EDM on Mars surface on October 19, 2016. Lander was destroyed after it hit into Mars surface after seven months of space journey, which started on March 14, 2017. During attempt of controlled reentry and landing EDM lander […]

Fourth EVA already begun !

Two astronauts begun their first from series of three spacewalks planned for following weeks. Today Shane Kimbrough (NASA, four EVAs in career) and Thomas Pesquet (one EVA in career) started first from two planned spacewalks planned for following days. They started their EVA  from Quest Airlock. Planned for 6.5 hours spacewalk covers following objectives: Replacing outside Multiplexers/Demultiplexers […]

ExoMars starts orbital manueuver

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, spacecraft launched by Roscosmos and ESA which arrived Mars orbit in October 2016, is going to change its orbit. It will reduce altitude and will start lasting another 12 months process of aerobraking to reduce speed and reach orbit with altitude of 400 km using for this minimal amount of […]

New opportunities from Arianespace with extended Vega

One of the launch vehicles remaining in the disposition of Arianespace, Vega rocket, will soon show extended capability of delivering and deploying small satellites. Vega, made y Avio, is smallest from launch vehicles offered by Arianespace on the market. According to European Space Agency, Vega will soon be equipped with new payload adapter. This will […]

NASA waits for propulsion test module for the Orion spacecraft program.

Program of Orion spacecraft, joint project by NASA and ESA, reached another milestone. Airbus Defence and Space announced that delivered for further tests to NASA The Propulsion Qualification Test Model (PQM), necessary for further testing Orion European Service Module (ESM) and its propulsion subsystems. As European Space Agency is key partner for Orion project; Airbus […]

Problems with Galileo navigation system

ESA reported first problems with functioning their navigation system. Issues spotted already in 2017 are first serious problems since announcing start of Galileo Initial Services by European Commission on 15 December 2016. According to ESA, which coordinates and operates Galileo, at least four from eighteen satellites from present constellation of Galileo are affected with problem. […]

Pesquet and Kimbrough after EVA-2 !

Thomas Pesquet of ESA and Shane Kimbrough of NASA finished today second ISS spacewalk in 2017 (EVA-2/Expedition 50) and performed flawlessly all tasks. This time Thomas Pesquet instead Peggy Whitson was partner of Shane Kimbrough. During 197th spacewalk in the history of International Space Station they were supported by Peggy Whitson of NASA, who helped […]