New Government Probe Found Out SpaceX is Not Obliged with the Zuma Spy Satellite Loss

In the early days of January, the rocket company, SpaceX obstinately denied the rumors that they had botched operation in the launching of Zuma, a classified spy satellite. Now, there is a new government investigating body the cleared the rocket company for the incidence and said that they should not be the one to take […]

Falcon Heavy already in November !

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will be launched into its maiden flight already in November this year, claims CEO of SpaceX. SpaceX latest heavy rocket, Falcon Heavy, remains at assembly facility at LC-39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Rocket is almost finished with all three boosters completed in assembly facility, what was confirmed during show […]

Bad news for Tesla employees

Elon Musk’s innovative car manufacturing company Tesla has again come into the headlines, but not for a new update in the automobile industry. This time it is shocking and sad news. Nine per cent of the existing workforce in Tesla will be cut off. Elon mentioned that it was a difficult but necessary reorganisation. This […]