Data Analysts and Satellite Operators Agree on the Necessity for Speed Data 

Most geospatial data companies are focusing on acquiring satellite imagery as well as offering it to different customers.  Planet co-founder and chief strategy officer Robbie Schingler said that speed is very salient and will never not be crucial. He also added that speed is an area of innovation.  His company depends on 30 ground stations […]

Sentinel-1A after collision with piece of the space debris

ESA reported about direct contact with space debris of their radar satellite operating under Copernicus program. Incident took place on August 23, 2016, at 17:07 GMT. Very small piece of space debris hit into solar panel of Sentinel-1A satellite remaining on around 693 km circular orbit with inclination at 98.18°. Effects of the direct hit were […]

Milestone in Electra program reached – SES, OHB and ESA agreement signed !

On 11 March 2016 in SES in Luxembourg agreement between SES, OHB and ESA was signed. It seems that program of developing new European telecommunication satellite with electric propulsion is reaching the positive end. Electra program was established in 2013 as initiative of European Space Agency under ARTES-33 plan for supporting innovative solutions by ESA cooperation with chosen […]

Sentinel satellites stays in Airbus – ESA has chosen contractor for Copernicus spacecrafts

Yesterday, on 26 January 2016 Airbus Defence and Space signed contract with European Space Agency for designing and manufacturing two additional satellites under Copernicus program.  Copernicus is European Earth observation program which is under constant development since 1998. At the beginning known as Global Monitoring for Environmental Security (GMES) became Copernicus in 2012. Program is ESA […]