The Candidate for the prototype of the DoD integrated communications network

As far as the Defense Department is concerned, there is a need to advance the military communication. They think that the best way is to introduce modern satellite communications services. For a long time, the department has relied on the private sector for those services. Nevertheless, that will change. The reason is that they want […]

Echostar-21 after last tests before entering service

Echostar has finished all the necessary in-orbit tests before commissioning their latest communications satellite Echostar-21. Echostar-21 was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on the top of the Proton-M rocket on July 7, 2017. Weighing 6900 kg satellite reached Geostationary Transfer Orbit as one of the heaviest payloads delivered to GTO by operated by ILS, Proton-M rocket. Satellite was […]

Echostar-3 suffers some communications problems

One of the oldest operational communications satellites operated by Echostar, Echostar-3, suffered few problems with communication problems during orbital maneuver last week.  It is hard to believe, but Echostar remains on orbit since October 5, 1997 when it was launched on the top of the Atlas-2AS rocket from LC-36B launch site at Cape Canaveral. Satellite […]

Echostar-19 delivered to GTO orbit by Atlas V

Yesterday Atlas V (431) rocket operated by United Launch Alliance delivered to orbit fifth Echostar satellite in its history. Echostar-19 was deployed on Super-Synchronous Orbit and will start to operate and provide HughesNet service as soon as it reach GTO orbit with altitude of 35880 km. After 138 launches it should not be surprising – […]