Tianhe-1 planned for 2018-2019

After ESA confirmation for extending operational life of International Space Station and previous launching Tiangong-2 space station by CNSA, Low Earth Orbit seems to become as busy as 16 years ago, when it was occupied by first modules of ISS and reaching its last days Russian Mir. Now it seems, that we will see another […]

Shenzhou-11 on Earth – first Tiangong-2 mission finished !

It was long month for two Chinese astronauts remaining almost 400 km km above Earth inside Tiangong-2 orbital station. After mission Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong are already on Earth ! This mission started when Long March 2F/G was launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on October 17, 2016. Shenzhou-11 with two astronauts docked to […]

Shenzhou-11 docked, one month mission started !

Chinese spacecraft with two astronauts inside docked to Tiangong-2 space station yesterday after lasting two days space journey. Shenzhou-11 was launched two days ago from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, traditional space launch site used for manned missions in Chinese space program. Shenzhou was launched on atop of Long March 2F/G rocket to deliver two astronauts […]

Two Chinese astronauts reached space during fourth flight of Long March 2F/G !

CNSA conducted successful launch of manned Shenzhou-11 spacecraft with two astronauts onboard; Jing Haipeng (commander – third space flight) and Chen Dong (flight engineer – first space flight) will reach Tiangong-2 space station after two days of space travel. This is second milestone of Tiangong-2 program; first was of course delivering to orbit Tiangong-2 station and […]