DAWN officially finished its mission

After 9 years of space journey, DAWN space probe finished its primary mission successfully! Three days ago on June 30, DAWN probe finished its main mission. It sent to Earth 69000 images and 132 GB of data, among others with results of research performed on composition of surface of both celestial bodies. For example thanks to DAWN […]

Preparing for guests – Cygnus OA-4 resupplying mission begins on 3rd December 2015 at 05:55

United Launch Alliance is planning to launch Cygnus OA-4 spacecraft with 3500 kg of payload utilizing ATLAS V rocket. Atlas V with Orbital’s Cygnus spaceship providing supplies for ISS since 2013. Generally Cygnus construction is based on two modules: Pressurize Cargo module and Service Module (SM). Cargo module with capacity of 18 cubic meters (there is planned […]

A data collected from NASA’s Dawn mission suggests that organic material may be present on Ceres in abundance

Recently scientists have concluded that there may be an abundant amount of organic material present on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres. A significant data collected from NASA was studied to conclude this. Last year an announcement was made by science daily report that organic material is found on the surface of Ceres. Later […]