Antares already in first half of 2016

Good news from Orbital ATK – their Antares rocket should be ready for OA-5 mission of Cygnus cargo spacecraft scheduled for 31st May 2016. Antares rocket remains official competitor of Falcon-9 in commercial resupply missions under CRS agreement between NASA, Orbital ATK and SpaceX. After last failed launch, performed on 28 October 2014 from Wallops Flight Facility, in […]

Au revoir Cygnus !

After 72 days remaining docked to ISS, Cygnus spacecraft (S.S. Deke Slayton II, OA-4) left International Space Station and started its last flight.  Mission finished, just like operational life of Cygnus OA-4. After 72 days being docked into Node-1 Nadir Common Berthing Mechanism (since 9 December 2015), it started today procedure of unberthing. Of course it could not […]

Cygnus contaminated with black mold, OA-6 mission delayed

During control of cargo which should be lifted by Cygnus spacecraft to International Space Station, mold contamination was spotted. Mission is delayed, with NET status, for 20 March 2016. Commercial supply missions for International Space Station could be considered as nothing unusual, they just became ordinary part of space launch schedule. Serious failures, like supply mission […]

Cygnus “record” launch from Cape Canaveral buttoned up!

NASA is utilizing every cubic centimeter and every gram of available payload capacity in every planned Cygnus mission. But first time in its history, Cygnus will lift such large payload. This mission will be exceptional not because of objective and payload (revealed amongst others in this post On 3rd December, Cygnus spacecraft named SS Deke Slayton II, […]

Cygnus debut in 2016 – logistic mission to ISS planned on 30th March 2016

Atlas V (there is possibility of utilizing Antares rocket) with Cygnus atop will resupply ISS on 30th March 2016. Launch is planned from launch site SLC-41 in Cape Canaveral. Orbital Science is second after SpaceX American Company realizing supply missions to ISS. It is quite interesting to compare products of two commercial companies, especially due the […]

Practice makes perfect – SpaceX supply mission for ISS scheduled on 29th February 2016

Another launch with supplies for ISS with unmanned DRAGON spaceship from launch site SLC-40 in Cape Canaveral utilizing Falcon-9 1.2V rocket. ISS supply missions are good example of growing contribution of commercial vehicles in government programs. Since ISS program was started in 1998, about eighty unmanned cargo vehicles docked to ISS. Adding another eighty for manned missions […]

Cygnus cargo ship destiny to launch at ISS

A Cygnus ship blasted off weekday toward the International orbiter, this is marking the second provide mission in twenty four hours destined to hold food and provides to the astronauts living in house. An associatetares rocket operated by biochemist Grumman lit up the night sky at 4:01 am (0901 GMT) because it propelled the craft […]

International Space Station receives Cygnus Cargo Spacecraft after three days of launch

Orbital ATK Antares rocket launched Cygnus Cargo Spacecraft successfully to International space station. The launch was conducted at Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport, Virginia at around 4:44 a.m. on Mar 21. The rocket successfully placed the spacecraft into the orbit after approximately nine minutes of the launch.  The Cygnus Cargo spacecraft was finally received on the international […]

Details of the three CubeSats flying with Cygnus Spacecraft

Along with the launch of Orbital ATK’s OA-9 Cygnus, three CubeSats were also launched whose primary purpose would visualize Earth from different angles for better studying of the various aspects of the Earth’s atmosphere. The principal investigators of the three CubeSats developed spoke at a “Whats on Board” pre-launch briefing which took place at the […]