NASA’S Mission of knowing Mars better

Landing on the red planet, Mars has been done by NASA almost six years back. Presently, a robotic geologist is in the making as it will be sent to Mars for getting deeper information about the planet. A spacecraft named Mars InSight is said to take the pause of the planet and also take measurements […]

Cornell Lab designed satellites set to take off to space

Space research and technology development is done in many labs, small as well as large scale. From university departments to small funded companies, many scientists have ground breaking invention to boast, but not everyone get recognized by NASA. Since money is the only crunch that limits small scale company inventions, NASA decided to get the […]

Cosine Releases First Images from a Hyperspectral Camera Transported by Nanosatellite

There is an increasing attempt to develop new and better ways to capture images of the earth. Cosine Measurement Systems, a Dutch firm, built a hyperspectral camera simply called the Hyperscout. The camera is constructed to monitor fire and floods. Other functions include managing irrigation and the separation of light into 45 wavelengths. The camera […]

Next Russian nanosatellite planned for 2017

Russia is trying to extend their presence on the market of nanosatellites, starting with TEKh-42-2 (or TNS-0-2 – Technology Nanosatellites – Tekhnologicesky Nanosputnik) technology demonstrator satellite scheduled on 2017. It is known that Russia has strong position as far as the launch vehicles are concerned, but still pace of development in space technologies is extremely […]

Aggiesat4 and Bevo-2 operating as planned after being deployed from ISS

Next successful deployment of small satellites from International Space Station – Low Earth Orbiting Navigation Experiment for Spacecraft Testing Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking (LONESTAR) started ! MEI Technologies, NASA contractor and technology partner for LONESTAR confirmed correct operating of Aggiesat-4 and Bevo-2, two experimental satellites which were built by students of Texas A&M University (Aggiesat) and […]

New dimension of commercialization of ISS

Manufacturing Cubesat satellites in space and deploying without necessity of launching with rocket? It is maybe closer than You can imagine! It is maybe not well known fact that from International Space Station crew members has ability to deploy small satellites. In fact, with utilization of Space Station Integrated Kinetic Launcher for Orbital Payload Systems (SSIKLOPS), mass of […]

Spaceloft after 10th mission – test for NASA passed !

Since 2006, Company called UP Aerospace possess small rocket able to lift up to 50 kg of payload to sub-orbital trajectory and altitude of 225 km.  Small rockets are not necessary most recognizable by laics. They are not lifting up space shuttles, military satellites, and parts of space stations. They are not generating spectacular flames […]

Classified reentry – Prometheus already landed

Cubesat based classified satellite re-entered on 16:23 UTC November 29, 2015. Designated zone of reentry was Indian Ocean, Australia, Pacific Ocean. Satellite reentered at longitude 11.5° S and latitude 152.71° E Cubesat platform is one of most popular platform among commercial, amateur and research satellites. It should not be surprising that military and reconnaissance agencies are strongly interested in […]

Smaller, better, faster – new concept of imaging satellites by U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

U.S. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is seriously considering putting money and effort into small imaging satellites. Is it beginning of revolution? Most of us are considering satellite as large construction with deployable solar arrays with dimensions of small car, filled with mysterious instruments like small nuclear plant or camera able to take a picture of our […]