Sierra Nevada is planning next flights of Dream Chaser already in 2016 !

Sierra Nevada Corporation with their Dream Chaser reached next milestone of CRS2 contract and is planning resuming flights of its spaceplane later this year. Company announced on July 11, 2016 on their website about acquiring NASA approval for design, development, test and evaluation program of Dream Chaser. Plans were prepared as ISS Integration Certification Milestone 1, […]

First commercial space station – ULA and Bigelow Aerospace announced agreement for partnership

After launching BEAM onboard of Dragon spacecraft Bigelow is convinced that their concept of inflating space station is well engineered – probably ULA shares this opinion because both companies announced about cooperation for future commercial space station. On April 11, 2016, in Colorado Springs United Launch Alliance and Bigelow Aerospace Colorado announced about their will for developing cooperation […]

Secret success – Boeing X37

Boeing X37 remains most successful space plane in last decade. Due its designation as military technology demonstrator it is not well known construction. Since 2010 X37, unmanned military test space plane is performing test missions in space. Its success is not well known, but is undisputable. In all test missions two operational X37B spent 1367 days […]

SpaceX and Boeing are getting closer to first ISS manned mission

NASA announced about contracting with SpaceX manned mission into a space. Another step in the increasing commercial contribution in manned space missions has been done. NASA announced that SpaceX will be contractor for next manned mission to International Space Station. First mission was contracted in May 2015, with Boeing – another participant in Commercial Crew Transportation Capability […]

Manned version of Dragon spacecraft successfully finished propulsion tests

NASA announced that crewed Dragon spacecraft ended tests of propulsion with positive results. SpaceX Dragon is still developing into manned version. Being part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) along with Boeing CST-100 reached next milestone. Designed as automatic spacecraft, combined with Falcon-9 rocket, is designated mainly as vehicle for lifting men to ISS. Propulsion of […]

Run of misfortune – Boeing dropped from ISS cargo contract competition

On 5th November 2016 NASA announced that Boeing will be no longer considered as an option in competition for ISS cargo missions. Boeing space industry division, Defense, Space & Security, is out of luck for a long time. Since losing contract with NRO for FIA in 2005, lost contract for next generation GPS satellites and failed […]