Could Boeing’s Starliner Spacecfraft Be The Next Step For Reaching The Moon And Beyond?

Boeing’s first crewed spaceflight to the International Space Station may take longer than it was scheduled initially. Boeing’s Starliner Capsule was scheduled to take astronauts to the international space station for two weeks but NASA is thinking of extending the trip be at least 6months,there is also a possibility that NASA will add a third […]

Delay of first flight of crewed Dragon spacecraft

According to NASA flight schedule published on 12 December, first flight for manned version of Dragon spacecraft is delayed. It is second delayed test flight under  NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program – in May Boeing announced about delay with their CST-100 spacecraft. Surely it is not situation, which could be called desirable both by […]

Starliner might be the next generation of human spaceflight

Currently, NASA sends its astronauts to ISS aboard Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft. With the contract due to expire in 2019, the American space agency hopes to hasten the timeline to certify private companies Boeing and SpaceX, to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station. For that, the agency funded and turned the Boeing’s Starliner […]

Will NASA use Soyuz manned flights after 2020 ?

According to latest news given by TASS news agency we can expect that even after introducing two new manned spacecrafts, NASA will probably keep using Soyuz spacecraft for delivering astronauts to International Space Station. It seems that this confirms previous gossips from the late 2016, that both new manned Dragon by SpaceX and CST-100 by Boeing […]

Additional places for NASA astronauts purchased from Boeing

Boeing sold places inside Russian Soyuz spacecraft to NASA. Agency will be probably forced to use these seats in 2019 to let their Astronauts to reach International Space Station due the delay of NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) program. It was not particularly happy moment in the history of NASA and probably one of the more important […]

Commercial Crew Program with delays, NASA seeks for alternatives

According to NASA decided finally to seek alternative to planned manned Dragon and CST-100 spacecrafts with first regular missions scheduled for 2019. Explanation is simple – NASA resigned to purchase places for their astronauts for 2019 from Roscosmos, and in case of any delays with SpaceX manned Dragon or Boeing CST-100, 2019 could be first […]

Tianhe-1 planned for 2018-2019

After ESA confirmation for extending operational life of International Space Station and previous launching Tiangong-2 space station by CNSA, Low Earth Orbit seems to become as busy as 16 years ago, when it was occupied by first modules of ISS and reaching its last days Russian Mir. Now it seems, that we will see another […]

Boeing CST-100 reaching next milestone – thrusters after hot fire tests !

Manufacturer of the propulsion system of future manned spacecraft delivering astronauts to International Space Station under CCDev NASA program, Aerojet Rocketdyne, had already finished hot fire tests of engines, which will power Boeing CST-100. As we know Boeing flagship is part of the contract with NASA for creating next generation manned spacecraft. Program is known widely […]