Meet the New Member of the ISS, a Robotic Companion called Cimon

A new team member will join the crew at the International Space Station (ISS). Crew Interactive Mobile Companion (CIMON) is an interactive robot that is shaped like a medicine ball with a smiling face. Airbus created Cimon, and it weighs around 5 kilograms. This interactive robot is a floating brain powered by Al technology. Cimon […]

CIMON, The Flying Brain

CIMON, the first ever flying, autonomous, Artificial Intelligent(AI) assistant for astronauts would soon get to work in space. The Flying Brain is created by Airbus, in cooperation with IBM., the largest computer company in the world. The 11-lb. (5 kilograms) CIMON who has an unforgettable face and features of a medicine ball will provide mission […]