Sierra Nevada is planning next flights of Dream Chaser already in 2016 !

Sierra Nevada Corporation with their Dream Chaser reached next milestone of CRS2 contract and is planning resuming flights of its spaceplane later this year. Company announced on July 11, 2016 on their website about acquiring NASA approval for design, development, test and evaluation program of Dream Chaser. Plans were prepared as ISS Integration Certification Milestone 1, […]

Little makeover on International Space Station

Planned changes in fleet of spacecrafts which are visiting ISS forced modernization of onboard equipment of the station. It would be wrong to think that changes in construction of International Space Station are performed only during spacewalks. Along with scheduled external modifications, many necessary modifications should be done inside of ISS. Yesterday, on 7 March 2016, […]

SpaceX and Boeing are getting closer to first ISS manned mission

NASA announced about contracting with SpaceX manned mission into a space. Another step in the increasing commercial contribution in manned space missions has been done. NASA announced that SpaceX will be contractor for next manned mission to International Space Station. First mission was contracted in May 2015, with Boeing – another participant in Commercial Crew Transportation Capability […]

International Space Station repaired – sucessful space marathon finished

Yesterday NASA announced about finishing extraordinary space walk on ISS. Nothing is perfect. It is truism, but refers also to high-end space technology which is ISS. Yesterday on 6th November 2015, at 1030 GMT Station commander Scott Kelly and flight engineer Kjell Lindgren began lasting almost eight hours extravehicular activity for repairing leaking cooling system. […]