Silent enter into GPS market – Tests of Beidou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) completed

After sending in this year three satellites under BDS navigation system China just has announced about positive results of operational tests. China space industry is well known of its dynamic and pace of development. Impressive achievements made in a very short period of time and wide range of activities from commercial launch systems through manned space missions […]

Laos joined the club – Long March with Laosat-1 on atop successfully launched on 21 November !

Chinese site officially confirmed launching of first Laotian satellite, Laosat-1. Chinese partner of first Laotian space venture confirmed that Long March 3B was launched at 1607 GMT from the Xichang satellite launch center. Unfortunately more details were available only via U.S. military satellite tracking data: satellite was put into GTO transfer orbit in range […]

Electric hope – role of electric propulsion in present and modern space programs

Everyone remember sound and light coming out from engines of TIE fighters from Star Wars. But now it is possible to see it in reality. Probably most of ordinary people consider ion propulsion as George Lucas fantasy. Nothing more wrong. Conception of ion thruster was first announced to public in 1911 by Russian scientist of […]