2017: Death on Saturn

After 20 years of the mission, the ‘Cassini’ probe prepares to burn in the atmosphere of the gas giant. More than 1.2 billion kilometers from Earth, a lone space probe prepared to die. After nearly 20 years in operation, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft concluded its mission in 2017 by plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere but not before […]

Spacecraft Cassini’s Observation: Saturn Clouds Run Deep and Rings May Shower Organics 

According to the last year’s observations made by the NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, the clouds in Saturn planet have its roots deep inside its structural atmospheric level and the ring of Saturn is now believed to have formed hundred million years ago will appear to rain organic molecules on the planet’s body. The observation is done […]

Finish after 20 years – Cassini crashes into Saturn

Yesterday first artificial satellite of Saturn finished its lasting 20 years mission with destructive landing on Saturn. Joint mission of NASA, ESA and Italian ASI space agency finally reached its end on Friday September 15, 2017. Cassini space probe launched on 15 October 1997 on the top of the Titan 401B/Centaur rocket crashed into Saturn after 162 […]