New high capacity military communication satellite delivered on atop of Delta IV

United Launch Alliance delivered to orbit eighth Wideband Global SATCOM satellite yesterday. Spacecraft will provide reliable and resistant for jamming communication for United States Armed Forces. ULA with their Delta IV Medium+ (5,4) showed during 114th mission in company’s history, that confidence of Department of Defense, which was put into their fleet of launch vehicles […]

Juno is getting close to Jupiter !

After five years of space journey NASA space probe Juno is getting close to its mission’s objective: Jupiter. Yesterday NASA used Deep Space Network 70 m dishes to send four commands from Goldstone, Colorado for Juno space probe which is 860.81 million kilometers from Earth and is getting close to Jupiter. Commands were sent at 19:15 GMT and were […]

Thaicom-8 on atop of Falcon-9 already tomorrow !

This mission will be 25th flight of Falcon-9 and 5th of Falcon-9 in 1.2V version-will we see tomorrow next successful landing on robotic ship “Of Course I Still Love You”? Liftoff is scheduled for 26th May 2016 for 21:40 GMT from a Cape Canaveral Air Force Station’s Space Launch Complex 40; Falcon-9 1.2v already passed static […]

Third SES-9 launch attempt not successful – current status “TBD”

SpaceX and SES-9 are really bad luck – third launch attempt was halted due the problems with LOX temperature just before lift-off. SES-9, launch cancelled – it starting to sound like deja vu. Again mission was aborted, but this time it seemed that engines will not even start. Next launch window was not announced, SpaceX […]

Something gone wrong – issues with Falcon-9 1.2V

SpaceX decided to postpone launch of their flagship, Falcon-9 1.2V, for another day. Still SpaceX will try to perform landing of the first stage on their robotic ship on Atlantic Ocean. Short post on Twitter is rather standing in the opposition to open information policy of SpaceX. We know only what was announced in enigmatic […]

Falcon-9 1.2V launch with SES-9 in two hours from Cape Canaveral AFS

SpaceX after postponing launch from 24 February 2016 decided to launch Falcon-9 1.2v today on 23:46 GMT. SES-9 is broadcasting satellite operated by Luxembourg company SES S.A.. It was made by Boeing with utilization of 702HP bus and equipped with XIPS – electric ion thruster and very efficient powering system. Satellite will be placed into orbit at 108.2° longitude east […]

Atlas V 401, IIF-12, RD-180 – successful combination for sure !

Next satellite joined today to GPS constellation after successful flight of Atlas V rocket launched from Complex 41 in Cape Canaveral. It is last from Block IIF generation GPS navigation satellites designed and manufactured by Boeing. On 31 October 2015 penultimate satellite was launched on atop of Atlas V in same configuration and now we […]

Falcon-9 1.2v became history !

Mission postponed from 21 December 2015 to obtain additional 10% of chance for success entered to history of space conquest. Falcon-9 1.2v started its career as first rocket launch vehicle with tested and proven reusable technology. Just ten seconds ago first stage landed on deployed grids on Landing Zone – 1 in Cape Canaveral. Second stage is […]

Secret success – Boeing X37

Boeing X37 remains most successful space plane in last decade. Due its designation as military technology demonstrator it is not well known construction. Since 2010 X37, unmanned military test space plane is performing test missions in space. Its success is not well known, but is undisputable. In all test missions two operational X37B spent 1367 days […]