Chris Hadfield, A Former CSA Astronaut Teaches Spaceflight Necessary in His New MasterClass Series

Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut went blind momentarily on a spacewalk seventeen years ago. His eye was irritated by cleaning fluid during a critical construction journey on the ISS, which cause him tremendous ache. He opened a cleanse valve in his suit to clear his eyes.  This first aid helps him cleared his tears and […]

Strengthening of the position – successful launch of Indian Astrosat satellite on 28th September 2015

ISRO announced that planned on 28th September 2015 launch of Astrosat satellite combined with six additional foreign satellites was full success. Utilized rocket was PSLV rocket in heaviest version. Mission designated launch site was First Launch Pad in Satish Dhawan Space Centre. India has still growing space industry and space research program. In spite of tradition of […]