Sentinel-5P launch delayed and scheduled for August 2017

Next satellite operating under Copernicus program will not be launched according to schedule. Sentinel-5P, which should reach orbit on the top of the Rockot launch vehicle in June this year will be launched two months later. This launch was contracted by ESA, operator of the Copernicus, to Eurockot Launch Services GmbH, joined venture company owned   by EADS Astrium […]

GEO-IT-2 launched !

Today from Plesetsk cosmodrome Roscosmos launched geodetic military satellite GEO-IT-2 (GRAU 14F31) on atop of Rokot with Briz-KM, after two years of delay. Mission was originally postponed from 2014 and finally it was put into flight schedule for 2016. After multiple delays launch was set for June 4, 2016 from Eurockot Pad 3 in Launch […]

Sentinel-3A launch today !

Planned for today launch of the European Observation satellite Sentinel-3A, part of the Copernicus program, will be performed according to schedule at 17:57 GMT from launch site 133/3 in Plesetsk cosmodrome. Sentinel-3A is part of, being still under development, European program for creating constellation of observation satellites. It was designed by Thales Alenia Space with utilization […]