China focusing on commercial space industry

The Chinese government has been for long working to enhance its presence in the space industry launching rockets into space. But till date, the private firms in this nation was not active enough. However, in an urge from the government department and different other incentives, the Chinese private players have become active in the commercial […]

Rejuvenating Space Exploration would enhance the United States Manufacturing sector

President Donald Trump has indicated his willingness to continue the United States push for advanced space exploration. This is after he decided to reconstitute the National Space Council. Space exploration has not been active for some time now after the exit of George H.W Bush government. The council will have its chair as Mike Pence […]

New Shepard of Blue Origin is the New Rocket for Space Tourism

Blue Origin is headed toward commercial operation as the rocket firm established by Jeff Bezos closes the end of testing for its big projects. The BE-4 engine of the company, the thunderous staple of the propulsion business of Blue Origin has demonstrated that it works well.  Blue Origin lately test fired the BE-4 engine for […]