An all-new BFR factory in South CA

What comes as a fascinating fact is that SpaceX is planning to build a massive yet appealing BFR factory in the Southern California region. The all-new facility is expected to encompass BFR rocket boosters as well as spaceships at the Port of Los Angeles. The company will soon be producing its Falcon Rocket at the […]

SpaceX to Begin Constructing Gigantic BFR Rocket

The Space Exploration Technologies Corp. founded by Elon Musk will construct its massive in-development rocket, termed as BFR at the Port of Los Angeles.  According to the Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, they are officially announcing that SpaceX will begin production development of the Big Falcon Rocket at the Port of Los Angeles. He also […]

Superalloys to help reach Mars

While astronauts, who are retiring, doubt the possibility of reaching Mars, super-efforts are being made to use super-alloys in rocket raptor engines. Elon Musk again tweeted that the launch company SpaceX is preparing to create a cutting-edge combination of metals called superalloys. These superalloys will increase the efficiency and reliability of the engine of the […]