SAGE III already this year inside Dragon spacecraft !

American launch service provider, SpaceX, announced on their Twitter profile about putting into launch schedule for 2016 delivering NASA SAGE III experiment to International Space Station. It is almost two years after first planned delivering date for SAGE III experiment. Originally scheduled for 2014 should be delivered during one of the first CRS missions contracted for […]

Kepler returned to service !

After returning Kepler to normal mode NASA decided to resume Campaign 9 which start was scheduled for April 2016. Kepler is now continuing its K2 mission flying with speed of 5982 km/s and 120 million kilometers from Earth. On April 22, 2016, NASA announced about resuming Campaign 9 which is devoted to research on parallax […]

Kepler remains stable after recovery from Emergency Mode

It seems that Kepler is in good condition and will return to service in short time. Since early April 2016 Kepler space telescope had problems which were considered as seriously threat for its mission. Kepler after space journey, which lasts since 2009, during which spacecraft passed distance of 120 million kilometers is kind of veteran. […]

Green fuel research spacecraft scheduled for early 2017

SpaceX Falcon Heavy with Air Force’s Space Test Program 2 (STP-2) payload will be launched in early 2017. One of the major payload seems to keep the schedule – it is Ball Aerospace research spacecraft BCP-100 with new propulsion onboard. STP-2 mission was originally scheduled for October 2016 but due the delay with Falcon Heavy caused by […]