DigitalGlobe under lucky star !

Some companies seem to have luck and other on the contrary. DigitalGlobe WorldView-2 satellite survived direct contact with space debris without even single scratch so it should be rather considered as ultimately lucky! According to Joint Space Operations Center, WorldView-2 Earth imaging satellite operated by DigitalGlobe survived hitting by several pieces of space debris. On 19 July JSpOC announced […]

Kepler exited from Emergency Mode

Thanks to the efforts of engineers on Earth, Kepler space telescope is not in Emergency Mode anymore. For the present moment Campaign 9 observation mission is still suspended, according to NASA statement from April 11, 2016. NASA announced about changing EM (Emergency Mode) to Point Rest State (PRS) after four days of attempts of bringing […]

Kepler spaceraft problems – NASA investigates the reasons

During last contact with Kepler Space Observatory NASA engineers spotted that spacecraft remains in Emergency Mode. Kepler telescope is deep space exploration vehicle with telescope onboard made by Ball Aerospace & Technologies. It was launched on atop of Delta II rocket on March 7, 2009, with assumed operational life at 3.5 years. Now, after 7 […]

Ball Aerospace will assist NASA for developing Space Telescope

There will be a great role played by the Ball Aerospace in the next generation space telescope that will build by the NASA. This organization has won the contract of US$ 113.2 million for manufacturing the primary instrument parts for this telescope that is named Wide Field Infrared Survey (WFIRST). According to Claire Saravia, an […]