Aerojet Rocketdyne grabbed Advanced Electric Propulsion System (AEPS) contract from NASA!

NASA announced on April 19, 2016, that Aerojet Rocketdyne won contract worth $67 million for developing new electric propulsion for deep space exploration including Asteroid Redirect Mission. In 2016 it could be easily spotted that electric propulsion is really in the center of the NASA attention as new propulsion for deep space exploration missions. Since […]

Asteroid Redirect Mission is on the go but probably delayed to 2023

According to new FAST report announced by NASA on 18 February 2016 there are no recognized precautions for Asteroid Redirect Mission. Asteroids are in the center of attention of widely considered space industry. In spite of Russian initiatives with targeting modified ICBM into asteroids, there are more interesting, less dangerous and more economy targeted solutions […]