Angola Satellite Defective, Russia To Build Another One

The Russian space agency said that Angola’s first national telecommunication satellite, AngoSat-1, was inoperative and Russia is planning to build another one in the year 2020. The AngoSat-1, launched in December from the cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, the satellite has been afflicted by problems which include the loss of communications and now regarded as a write-off.  […]

Troubles of Angosat-1 after launch

After successful launch Angosat-1, first satellite owned by Angola, lost contact with ground. Satellite was launched on the top of the Zenit-3F rocket from Site 45/1 at Baikonur Cosmodrome on December 26 at 19:00 UTC. Ukrainian rocket was one of the last rockets from batch delivered before Crimea crisis and start of embargo for Ukrainian […]

Will production delays make Angara-A5 flight in 2016 impossible ?

Production of new Russian heavy rocket able to lift for GTO almost 5.4 tons of payload is delayed for three months and it is hard to predict how it will affect to launch date scheduled for end of 2016. According to TASS news agency and its source, there is delay in production process of Angara-A5. Second […]