Akatsuki success confirmed !

JAXA officially confirmed injecting Akatsuki into designated Venus’ orbit. After injecting Akatsuki on 7 December 2015 JAXA wait to gather data from spacecraft sensors to confirm if injecting was fully correct. Now we know for sure – Akatsuki became operational Venus probe on elliptical orbit with following parameters: apoapsis altitude of 440,000 km, periapsis altitude of about 400 km, orbit […]

Akatsuki successfully moved into Venus orbit on 7 December 2015

After five years Akatsuki, Japanese space probe, was injected on Venus orbit. Failed injecting into Venus orbit five years ago fortunately not repeated. With utilization of Reaction Control Thrusters (main propulsion failed and ground control was unable to start it), after 19 minute of continuous work, Akatsuki was moved into designated orbit. Technical aspect of placing Akatsuki into correct […]

Second try of Akatsuki – JAXA’s probe will try another rendezvous with Venus on 7th December 2015

After failed try five years ago, JAXA will perform another attempt to move Akatsuki into Venus Orbit. Venus as second planet from the Sun and is third brightest object in our sky. Its brightness is at –4,6m. Distance between Earth and Venus varies in the range 40 million to 259 million kilometers. Due its dimensions and surface […]