Celebrating with work – Cubesat invasion from ISS !

How to celebrate annivensary 18 years/100 000 passed orbits properly? It seems that crew members missed cake and any kind of party, but have deployed impressive number of Cubesat satellites during last three days! After passing 100000th orbit on May 2016 in the morning, crew members of International Space Station had no time for further celebrating. […]

First launch of Soyuz-2.1A from French Guiana with Sentinel-1B set for today !

Due the poor weather conditions launch was postponed for today and is set to launch window starting at 21:02 GMT today. UPDATE: launched was postponed to Sunday, 24th April 2016 due the bad weather in French Guiana Space Center. Arianespace is targeting for today to reach LEO orbit during VS14 flight with their Soyuz-2.1A equipped with Fregat upper stage. This time […]