Proteins to become supramolecular complexes

Japan has been a pioneer regarding technology. Their scientific research and technology are acknowledged for their innovative approach and error-free working mechanism. They have now developed proteins that can self-assemble into supramolecular complexes. Proteins are found in biological organisms and are useful in different biotechnological applications. Proteins with a specific function can prove to be […]

Good bye Hitomi !

JAXA had to reconcile with sad truth – Hitomi became space debris. This is surely not good news for all organizations, which were participating in Astro-H program, but mostly for JAXA. Their most significant research satellite, which was example of JAXA ability to design, manufacture and operate large and expensive research satellites, became useless before […]

Hitomi problems explained !

Astro-H (Hitomi) is still tumbling, but at least it is known why. Case of Astro-H (named Hitomi) seems to be far away from the lucky end. JAXA still is trying to contact with spacecraft which probably came apart during flight on 26 March 2016 at around 01:20 GMT while satellite remained on altitude of 575 km. Since […]