MUOS-5 and Atlas V within hours !

Today we are waiting for MUOS-5 mission. Atlas V combined with Centaur upper stage will deliver satellite created for US Navy starting from Cape Canaveral SLC-41 at 14:30 GMT. MUOS-5 is last new generation communication satellite created by Lockheed Martin, Boeing and General Dynamics for US. Constellation of five satellites (4 operating and one backup) will […]

Big in Japan – Lockheed won contract for JCSAT-17

Yesterday, on 3 February 2016 Lockheed announced about their success in Japan – company was awarded contract for new satellite from JCSAT series. SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation is Japanese broadcasting company operating on Direct TV market almost since nine years with headquarters in Tokyo. Company is focused on space & satellite business with particular contribution of multi-channel […]