United Launch Alliance lost its position in favor to main competitor on the market

It is strange situation when present launch service provider is not joining contest for launching next generation GPS satellites and competitor captures the contract by default. It is surprising even more if we take under consideration that cooperation between U.S. Air Force and companies which later established ULA, under GPS program, lasted since launching first GPS satellite […]

Continued BE-4 Testing Leaves Fate of Vulcan Rocket Engine Up in the Air

United Launch Alliance is in the process of considering several engines for its Vulcan rocket. Representatives from ULA have previously stated that the BE-4 engine developed by Blue Origin was their top contender, but they have not made any formal decision. This lack of an announcement has led many to speculate that the Vulcan rocket […]

Busy weekend in space – WGS-9 launched, Dragon unberthed

It was busy time for NASA, SpaceX and United Launch Alliance. ULA managed to deliver to orbit WGS-9 military communications satellite on the top of the Delta IV, NASA and SpaceX performed successfully unberthing of Dragon cargo spacecraft from International Space Station. Launch of Delta IV was planned as part of program of updating communications […]

Atlas V arrived to Cape !

Busy time begins for United Launch Alliance and Orbital ATK service teams. Atlas V rocket, designated as launch vehicle for upcoming mission of Cygnus cargo spacecraft soon will arrive at Cape. Yesterday, on February 5, 2017, special ship delivered rocket to Port Canaveral. After week long journey, rocket was finally delivered in special container carefully […]

First commercial space station – ULA and Bigelow Aerospace announced agreement for partnership

After launching BEAM onboard of Dragon spacecraft Bigelow is convinced that their concept of inflating space station is well engineered – probably ULA shares this opinion because both companies announced about cooperation for future commercial space station. On April 11, 2016, in Colorado Springs United Launch Alliance and Bigelow Aerospace Colorado announced about their will for developing cooperation […]

United Launch Alliance – problems with Atlas V during OA-6 unsuccessfully silenced

United Launch Alliance had problems during last launch of RD-180 engine in the first stage of their Atlas V rocket; they were not given to public during live broadcast on 23 March 2016. Luckily for ULA, Centaur upper stage gave its best and Cygnus is on its way to International Space Station. During live broadcast from mission OA-6 contracted for […]

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon – competition between SpaceX and ULA still without winner

After retrieving participation from bid for contract for launching next generation GPS satellites, ULA representatives still are convinced about superiority of their company. Money talks but not always for United Launch Alliance. As launch service provider with long tradition of cooperation with US Government and with stable position on market it seemed that SpaceX would […]

Atlas V 401, IIF-12, RD-180 – successful combination for sure !

Next satellite joined today to GPS constellation after successful flight of Atlas V rocket launched from Complex 41 in Cape Canaveral. It is last from Block IIF generation GPS navigation satellites designed and manufactured by Boeing. On 31 October 2015 penultimate satellite was launched on atop of Atlas V in same configuration and now we […]

Victory without a fight – ULA resigned from bidding in GPS III competition

United Launched Alliance announced about declining bidding in competition for launch service provider in GPS III missions. The heroes are tired – and defeats are not the factor that could change the fate. Boeing as part of ULA had already bad luck with third generation of GPS satellites. In 2008 Lockheed took over from Boeing in designing and manufacturing […]