Sierra Nevada in CRS 2 – first space plane will reach ISS on 2019 !

NASA announced on their press conference on 14 January 2016 about awards for CRS 2 contract for resupply missions to ISS. Sierra Nevada is awarded along with Orbital ATK and SpaceX. Great news for Sierra Nevada Corporation – their Dream Chaser (more about this space plane You can read here) space plane will be one […]

Next attempt of SpaceX to land with Falcon-9 on 17th January 2016

SpaceX will try to perform next landing with first stage of Falcon-9 on 17th January during Jason-3 mission. This time Falcon-9 will be in previous 1.1 version. SpaceX is going to keep fast pace of reusable technology development (more about reusable technology You can read here). After spectacular success on 21 December 2015 when first […]

Recovered first stage of Falcon-9 1.2v ready to go again !

Elon Musk announced on Twitter results of inspection of recovered first stage of Falcon rocket. To remind – on 22 December 2015 SpaceX could say almost that they reached next milestone in their way to Mars. After successful launch and separation from second stage of Falcon-9 1.2v, first stage performed autonomous landing on landing zone […]

SpaceX reusable technology – half way to Mars mission reached ?

SpaceX since establishing in 2002 is one of leaders of space industry – not without a reason. In 2002, after establishing SpaceX, Elon Musk had one goal – Mars. It was clear that it is ambitious target. For Elon Musk and SpaceX reaching Mars and further colonization was ultimate goal; first step was offering launch vehicle with […]

Falcon-9 1.2v became history !

Mission postponed from 21 December 2015 to obtain additional 10% of chance for success entered to history of space conquest. Falcon-9 1.2v started its career as first rocket launch vehicle with tested and proven reusable technology. Just ten seconds ago first stage landed on deployed grids on Landing Zone – 1 in Cape Canaveral. Second stage is […]

Picking up the gauntlet – SpaceX will try to perform rocket controlled landing in Cape Canaveral this year !

Blue Origin success with demonstration of fully operational reusable rocket was like a challenge for SpaceX. We do not have to wait long for the reply. It is possible that in December 2015 SpaceX will try again to land with one of Falcon rocket boosters, but this time not on sea platform, but on the […]

Manned version of Dragon spacecraft successfully finished propulsion tests

NASA announced that crewed Dragon spacecraft ended tests of propulsion with positive results. SpaceX Dragon is still developing into manned version. Being part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) along with Boeing CST-100 reached next milestone. Designed as automatic spacecraft, combined with Falcon-9 rocket, is designated mainly as vehicle for lifting men to ISS. Propulsion of […]