Procreation in Space

Can humans conceive in space? NASA is toiling hard to find out whether humans can conceive in space or not. For the first time in history, the ISS (international space station) has received human sperm from NASA. The sperm shall undergo a number of observations and experimentation which was commuted on Falcon 9 SpaceX of […]

SpaceX Fires Falcon 9’s Nine First Stage Engines at Cape Canaveral

Chilled liquid propellants were loaded into a 2-stage Falcon 9 rocket by SpaceX’s launch team. They fired the rocket’s 9 Merlin 1D booster engines at the Complex 40 launch pad in Cape Canaveral. A cloud of exhaust was seen from nearby viewing points. According to SpaceX, the static fire test was successful. The activity was […]

ZUMA Satellite Failure

The early January launch of the highly coveted US spy satellite, Zuma faced a major downfall, when the satellite could not separate itself, as programmed from the Falcon 9 rocket’s upper stage & thus never placed itself into the orbit. Rather, it came back into the atmosphere, with its launcher’s upper stage, later it broke […]