Life in the clouds of Venus? Research suggests possibilities of microbes

Extraterrestrial life could be living in the clouds of distant and not-so-distant planets, a new study published online in the journal Astrobiology suggests. According to a team of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Space Science and Engineering Center we may have to think beyond the traditional when hunting for extraterrestrial life. In the study researchers have […]

Ariel exoplanet space mission confirmed by ESA

The European Space Agency (ESA) has revealed its intentions of launching a exoplanet hunting mission in 2028. The mission is named Ariel – short for Atmospheric Remote-sensing Infrared Exoplanet Large-survey. According to ESA, the Ariel mission will study the atmospheres of planets beyond the solar system reveals The Space News. Ariel is said to have a […]

STEVE, the mysterious purple lights unraveled

Citizen scientists are an important community for scientific discoveries and that has been proven once again through unraveling of secrets behind ‘Steve’ – the mysterious purple lights. The strange purple lights phenomenon during northern lights – ‘Steve’ has long been observed and studied but scientists were not able to figure out the reason behind these […]

New astounding details about Jupiter revealed

Jupiter continues to amaze and it is partly because of the Juno mission that is providing astronomers and scientists with ample amounts of data to unravel secrets about the gaseous giant. Recently three papers have been published in journal Nature that provide answer to a question that scientists have been asking ever since Galileo first […]

Possible clues about path to forming life’s building blocks in space revealed

Scientists may possibly have found clues to what seems to be the path to forming life’s building blocks in space. Published in Nature Astronomy journal the new study reveals that lab experiments carried out by scientists to retrace the chemical steps leading to the creation of complex hydrocarbons in space, showing pathways to forming 2-D carbon-based […]