Introduced NASA’s electric X-plane which is closer to its First Flight

Image Credit: NASA Langley/Advanced Concepts Lab, AMA, Inc. Electric transportation is widely popular today. The electric buses are replacing traditional gas; even electric boats are sailing the seas, which Telsa sales cars are doing already. When the skies are the domain of aircraft, which is fueled by fossils, the sea and land have already seen the […]


Soyuz, the Russian spacecraft was first invented in the Soviet Union. Back in the 1960s, Soviet Union started launching missions on it. Its first unmanned mission was sent on November 28, 1966. After the Soviet Union, Russia has been sending cosmonauts on space missions, and hence Soyuz became renowned for its space mission into the […]

Donald Trump’s Space Force to protect Earth from Threats of Future Asteroid Impacts 

Alike the army, navy and the air force, Space Force as proposed by President Donald Trump becomes a reality, defying all odds, it would undoubtedly play an essential role in protecting Earth from the impact of an incoming asteroid.  A report released from NASA and other federal officers on 20th June, unveiled the responsibilities that […]

Sizeable unmanned aircraft fly in public airspace

With the help of remotely-piloted Ikhana aircraft, NASA successfully flew its first mission within the National Airspace System in the absence of safety chase aircraft on Tuesday. This experiment took off out of the NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Centre located in Edwards, California. This bold step has further forwarded the United States towards bringing about […]

Researchers Claim Alien Life: they Collect Stars to Live in Space

A scientist at the US Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Dan Hooper claims that through Dyson Spheres technology, stars could be collected and stored by extraterrestrials. This technology is a feature, which is capable of determining the siphon of a lead and its vast energy relevantly. According to a research paper by Dr. Hooper, alien species […]

Space Camp Accelerator Program

The UK has chosen six companies marking its first committed accelerator program in space tech industry after its successful launch of Seraphim Capital’s ‘new space camp accelerator’.The companies bring the ongoing nine-week program from US, Denmark, and the UK. The lead partners are the new UK Space Agency, SA Catapult, Dentons, Cyient, European Space Agency, […]

Superalloys to help reach Mars

While astronauts, who are retiring, doubt the possibility of reaching Mars, super-efforts are being made to use super-alloys in rocket raptor engines. Elon Musk again tweeted that the launch company SpaceX is preparing to create a cutting-edge combination of metals called superalloys. These superalloys will increase the efficiency and reliability of the engine of the […]