Turn Your Smartphone into a Satellite Phone with this New Device

BivyStick, a two-way satellite communication device has been announced today by Bivy, an application that allows users to find, share and record activities like biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, paddling and more.  BivyStick has been devised to work with existing smartphones, that will offer all benefits of any GPS unit and a satellite-based two way communication […]

Scientists from the North-western, sending 20 Mice to Space  

To learn more on the physiological effects of living in space, scientists, as a part of a North-western led mission are launching twenty laboratory mice on to the orbit by next week.  Fred Turek and Martha Vitaterana, both North-western scientists are leading a NASA funded project on the study of space’s near gravity-free environment affecting […]

NASA’s Curiosity and Opportunity on Martian dust storms

NASA’s, ‘Curiosity rover’, uninterrupted and actively, receiving electricity from radioactive sources, continues its scientific crusade even when a dense layer of dust that on the other side of the planet continues to famish the aging ‘Opportunity rover.’  The plutonium-powered Curiosity has witnessed an all-encompassing dust storm on Mars. Even though the conditions on Mars are […]

Tool tested for space navigation

A tool which has helped the sailors to travel miles in the ocean for many years will now be used inside the International Space Station. It is a device which will work as a navigation tool and help to gauge the potential emergencies taking place within the space. It will also be used for guiding […]

NASA is in the process of testing a device which will protect space travelers from being stranded in space

It doesn’t matter how many times an astronaut has traveled into the unending darkness above the Earth; there is always a fear of ending up stranded. NASA recognizes this and is in the process of testing a “cosmic compass” which will guide space travelers back home. The device is similar to a “sextant,” which uses […]