NASA’s Defense Department supports space Traffic Management Role to Commerce Department 

The leaders of US strategic and the leaders of NASA have offered their support to the space traffic management role, as the Washington house prepares to take up the bill providing the new traffic management authorities for space management.  According to officials on June 22nd, at a joint hearing of the space house science committee […]

Space Flight and Nausea

The zeal to fly in space is astonishing, but before moving to the deep space, you need to prepare yourself for the same. You may also get nauseatic during the journey. The possibility to have a spaceflight is now open to all. Jeff Bezos wants to make it a reality in less than a year. […]

Pakistan’s first indigenous satellite to be launched next month

Pakistan is expected to be amongst the nations with advanced space technology after it launched its first indigenous satellite, named PakTES-1A, as planned. Weighing approximately 285 kilograms, the satellite will help in research in various areas like geography, climate and weather and also remote sensing, explains Foreign Office spokesperson Dr. Mohammed Faisal.  Pakistan also displayed […]

Should give space traffic management role to Commerce Department, NASA and defense department claim

As preparation of the bill to provide Commerce Department the role of space traffic management proceed, NASA and U.S Strategic Command claimed it to be a good move.  The officials met for a joint hearing of the strategic forces subcommittee of the House Armed Services Committee and space subcommittee of the House Science Committee on […]

SpaceX Bags the First Big-ticket Contract of $130 Million Military Launch for Falcon Heavy Rocket

Air Force awarded SpaceX, with a $130 million contract for the launch of its AFSPC – 52 satellite of the Air Force Space Command. SpaceX bagged its first classified big ticket launch contract for its rocket Falcon Heavy.  The launch to take place from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Falcon Heavy overcame the competition […]

Americans express confidence in what the private space companies are trying to accomplish  

According to a recent survey by the Pew Centre survey, many American citizens has expressed confidence on private space companies, that they will make a valuable contribution in the development of safe and reliable spacecraft or may be conducting researches in increasing space knowledge. Private players like the SpaceX, Blue Origin and the Virgin Galactic […]

Satellite Confirms Something Distinct in the Air over India

Sentinel-5P satellite, a new European Satellite, launched last October to track air quality worldwide, reported something very distinctive about the quality of air over the Indian sub-continent and the surrounding countries in South Asia.  The elevated concentrations are of the presence of formaldehyde, the colorless gas, something that is released by vegetation naturally but also […]

Jeanette Epps on Removal from Space Mission

Jeanette Epps, a NASA astronaut, in an interview at the annual Tech Open Air festival talked about her startling removal from an assignment to go to space this year. The aerospace engineer has been removed from the mission months before the launch date. She has also been a former CIA analyst. In 2009, she became […]