An absolute modem interface to enable roaming across the platforms of multiple satellites 

Most space-based military communications go over industrial satellites, and therefore the want for additional capacity and capabilities will increase per annum. For that reason, the U.S. Air Force house and Missile Systems Center (SMC) launched the COMSATCOM Pilot Program, to assist modify additional versatile and resilient military communications. The Pilot Program has reached Stage a […]

Searching 72-hour space environment forecast with latest updates on the hour

For hourly terrestrial weather, forecasts models are providing anywhere in the world, and our smartphones chirp or buzz with alerts of future heavy snow, thunderstorms, flash floods and significant events like hurricanes and tornados. The military depends on actual weather forecasts for planning different operations in the sea, ground and the air.  When it comes […]

Cubesat for everyone – ULA statement during today’s press conference

During a press conference in Colorado, from ULA came the important declaration about supporting universities in their Cubesat satellite programs. Today in Colorado State Capitol on 0930 am MST was started open press conference organized by United Launch Alliance. Conference was started by Chris Chavez, Director of Government Affairs and Corporate Citizenship in ULA. Mr. […]