Juno was sent out to study Jupiter on August 05, 2011 and has been orbiting the giant planet for about two tears. This mission was supposed to end when JUNO would crash into Jupiter’s clouds after July 2018. But there has been news of some changes in the schedule of this $1 billion mission. NASA […]

Amidst fresh explosions in Guatemala’s Volcan de Fuego, toll rises to 75 with more than 200 missing

The biggest explosions ever in four decades of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, the devastations took lives of around 75 till date with at least 192 missing. The fresh rounds of powerful explosions scattered ashes over a wide area and forced authorities to order further evacuations. The news relayed gripping stories of whole families being […]

Mars and its Curiosity

The red planet often gathers news and attention. Nasa just wrote a fantastic reply to NTS’s funky email about offering them free parking on NASA. The space mission Curiosity has raised everybody’s curiosity since the day it left planet earth and reached Mars. Space exploration has reached a level where there is no more looking […]

168 days, the countdown ends

The most awaited moment of welcoming a space crew which will be soon replaced by another in a matter of two days came today when a Japanese physician-astronaut, a Russian cosmonaut, and a NASA flight engineer undocked from International Space Station. The landing was commenced in Kazakhstan today at 5:16 am (GMT-4). Anton Shkaplerov monitored […]